Cheryl Galpin

Doll and teddy making workshop June 2018

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Central Craft, in Alice Springs, runs workshops during the Beanie Festival. In 2018 I was invited down to run a workshop on doll making. My daughter was living in Alice at that time and one of my sisters, along with her daughter, decided to travel from Melbourne as well. The entire trip was memorable from running the workshops and meeting such amazing creative participants, going to the Beanie Festival for the first time, being with my daughter, sister and niece/goddaughter/ attending some workshops for myself, and being there for Territory day and having fireworks on the salt pans, with my niece (17 at the time) lighting fireworks for the first time in her life!!

Back to the doll making workshop. A visual record below.

Doll kits, waiting to be chosen

Doll making in action

Completed teddy, compete with wristbands as he is an athletic hero, the maker sending it to her nephew:

Completed doll, the maker was very pleased as she has always been a sewer and musician, but arthritis has been giving her problems with her hands; not only completed the doll but hand stitched the clothes:

Detail of hair, as we had not allowed quite enough material for this to be completed at home, the maker being creative in using ribbon and other bits of fabric to complete: